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How much does it cost for an emotional support cat in Massachusetts?

Updated: Nov 19, 2023

The cost to adopt and care for an emotional support cat in Massachusetts include adoption fees, vet bills, food, and supplies (you do not need to pay to register an emotional support cat). This really depends on what type of cat food and litter you want and what kind of environment you set up for your cat.

Some owners want all natural cat products and visit a private vet. Others may buy commercial cat food, see a vet at Petco, and purchase necessary supplies and a few extras like a window perch. And some people on a limited budget may need to visit a food pantry and find vets that charge reduced fees.

According to Rover, the average 2023 annual costs for food, vet bills, and supplies, once you are set up, range from $1,170 and $3,605 per year. However there can be emergency vet bills that could cost a couple thousand dollars.


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